Adidev Herbals U/V Protection Combo Kit (set of 4)

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Adidev Herbals U/V Protection Combo Kit (set of 4): 1.OXI FRESH shampoo (HAIR WASH ANTI DANDRUFF): Is a proprietary medicine specially formulated with strong antifungal and anti-dandruff properties. Its oxygenated anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents derived from natural sources of Neem, Neebu and Haldi which actively kill fungal infections and dandruff from scalp without harming your skin and hair keep you scalp free from allergies and dandruff with clean and soft OXI FRESH HAIR. 2.Green Lime Face Wash: Green lime face wash contains actives of green lime with mild foaming formula which helps repair damaged skin and treats skin rashes, eruption, pimples, acne etc. thus makes it smooth, supple and ensures protection to delicate facial skin. It reduces pits on the face on regular use. 3.Hair Spa: Nourish Hair Spa is rich in natural anti fungal & bactericidal elements that are vital to sanitize scalp and keep it free from allergens that causes Dandruff. This provide the syntax for the hair natural language, enabling inter-cellular messaging and helping the scalp skin to better perform its metabolic functions and retain and deliver moisture necessary for hair. 4.Sweet Lime Fairness Facial Cream: Sweet Lime Fairness Facial Cream removes black heads and dead skin and acts as natural cleanser and sooth facial skin with nourishment.

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