Adidev Herbals Nirgundi Pain Relieving Oil (60 ml)

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It is a proprietary medicine specially developed to give quick relief from pain. Nirgundi Pain Reliving Oil is a wonder product meticulously formulated from rich blend of essential oils and complex mix of choicest herbs known to absorb all kinds of pain. The base of natural emollients act as a catalyst providing a base for the blend of oils which works as natural pain relievers having natural analgesic properties and have high permeability. The emollient base complements to natural skin syntax, enabling the herbs to get easily absorbed and block pain signals thereby reducing and minimizing pain. The absorbed herbs and oils blend are high in anti oxidants and tissue repair elements, improve oxygenation to the cells and cleanse the lymphatic system. The volatile properties of the blend enhances the fluid circulation thereby helping the body to eliminate inflammatory wastes, relax muscles and injured tissues which significantly reduce recovery time. The natural soothing aroma relaxes the patient with the sense of well being. Symptoms: 1) Joint pain, Joint stiffness. 2) Inflammations 3) Backache 4) Knee joint pain 5) Nerve pain 6) Swelling due to injuries 7) Muscular Sprain 8) Fibrositis 9) Lumbago 10) Sciatica 11) cervival & ankylosing spondylitis 12) stiff necks 13) frozen shoulders Benefits: 1) Rich Blend of EO’s effective in wide range of applications 2) Enriched with natural pain reliving herbs with high healing properties. 3) Made from natural therapeutic grade essential oils with no side effects. 4) It is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (Pain reliving) with tissue repair formula. 5) High skin permeability for quick relief. Application: Take sufficient Nirgundi pain reliving Oil on palm and apply on the affected part of body with gentle circular motions. Massage till lotion is absorbed in skin. Repeat in 4-6 hours interval till relief. For quick results fomentation is recommended. Take squeezed dry hot towel and press against the affected area to open the pores to facilitate better absorption.

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