Adidev Herbals Calamino Soap Free Face Wash (200 g)

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Calamino is the new wonder product from Adidev stable. It is powered by the instant natural fairness formula. It is a proprietary medicine of Adidev specially developed to rejuvenate and enhance skin texture and fairness instantly. Calamino face wash is meticulously formulated from complex mix of choicest herbs, Calamine and minerals which naturally supplement vital nutrients to skin, Rehydrate and sooth the upper layer while herbal scrubs, cleans and remove dirt giving you instant glow. Calamino is a must for every day wash for a fairer you. The vital minerals present in Calamino, provide the syntax for the skin’s natural language, enabling inter-cellular messaging and helping the skin to better perform its metabolic functions and retain and deliver moisture where necessary. Minerals in Calamino contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium etc. which are vital to the skin’s healthy function which attract and retain water and are therefore considered to be Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF). SYMPTOMS: Pimples, acne, spots on skin, dark skin, dry skin, itching due to infection or heat, white spots or marks due to deficiencies of multi vitamins, Stretch marks, Peeling unhealthy and rough face skin. ACTION: Diminishes and reduces scars, marks and black spots caused by Pimples, Acne, injuries and skin deficiencies and also dark circles under the eyes. It can also be used for preventing and diminishing stretch marks. It also replenishes moisture and helps improve the tone and texture of your face skin. It increases circulation to all skin layers & it loosens impurities trapped in the pores and cleanses skin of dead surface cells. Firms and tightens the skin makes the skin glow. It restores the material elasticity of your skin, improves skin texture and helps minimize wrinkles. Ideal for all skin types. Eliminates infections and odor due to sweat and germs. Advantages: • Maintain the correct balance of alkaline and acid in skin tissue which is vital for cell metabolism. • Strengthening cell membranes and cleansing the pores. • Protection in filtering out the sun’s harmful rays. • Maintains the natural humidity of the skin by improving the mineral balance of skin cells. • Strengthen the natural protection of skin. • Delays skin aging by regenerating new skin cells. • Instantly enhances glow and fairness. • Improves the face skin texture. • Detoxifies, cleans face skin thoroughly. • Anti Allergen and suitable for sensitive skin care. • Increases cell metabolism and activates enzymes with improved skin permeability. Application: Take 2-3 ml Calamino face wash cum scrub on palm and apply on wet face with gentle circular motions. Apply thoroughly and feel Herbal scrubs on skin. Leave about for 20 sec before washing off with plenty of water.


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