Adidev Herbals Body Wash For Dry Skin With Diamond Fairness Facial Cream (Set of 3)

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Herbal Bodywash for Dry Skin with Diamond Fairness Facial Cream contain Bodywash for Oily Skin and Diamond Fairness Facial Cream. Bodywash Fairness Bathing Powder Powerful Blends Of Choicest Indian Herbs Which Correct And Controls Skin Related Problems And Replenish And Rejuvenate Skin. It Nourishes The Skin And Also Protects The Skin From Sun. Herbal Scrubbers Help Minerals To Readily Permeate The Skin’S Outer Layer, Cleanse Skin Of Dead Cells And Dirt, Enhancing Complexion And Fairness. It Nourishes Hydrates And Soothes Skin Giving It A Wonderful Silky-Soft Feel. Maintains Optimal Balance, Create Natural Glow And Healthy Radiance On Skin. Diamond fairness facial cream is a unique formulation made from choicest emollients and Hirak bhasma which gives unmatched radiance and glow to your face Diamond Fairness Facial Cream contains actives of herbal extracts, beauty oils and glow of Diamond to not only control acne, pimples, dark spots etc. but also helps repair damaged skin and shining, brimming skin. It is suitable for all skin type including oily and sensitive skin.

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