Adidev Herbals Anti-Tan Sun Dew (Lotion) SPF-30 Combo Pack (set of 3) 600ml

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Sun Dew (Lotion with Natural SPF 20) is a proprietary medicine made from finest emollients, skin soothing agents and natural SPF to give protection to your skin all day long Sun Dew (Lotion with Natural SPF 20) contains vital nutrients including most vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and amino acids. It nourishes the skin and protects the skin from sun burn and harmful sun darkening rays.. It balances pigmentation, complexion giving you unmatched glowing fairness. Sun Dew (Lotion with Natural SPF 20) is specially formulated to act as sun screen. Its natural sun protecting factors form thin layer on skin and give total protection on outdoors. It softens, hydrate and soothe the skin, giving it a wonderful silky-soft feel. It gently cleanses impurities and helps both oily and dry skin to find optimal balance, create natural glow and healthy radiance for all types of skin, and replenish the skin with moisture. Excellent for out door use and in winters, for treating impurities & toxins from the skin and cure very broad range of fungal infections, allergies and deficiencies. SYMPTOMS: Sun burns, rashes, wounds, acne, stings, cold sores, insect bites, scars, damaged skin tissue, blisters, insect bites, dry skin. Cases of shingles, psoriasis, wrinkle Etc. ADVANTAGES / ACTION • Treats rashes, sores, fungal infections and allergies. • Total protection from sun. • Protects skin from sun darkening rays. • It softens hydrates and soothes skin. • Useful in scars, wounds, insect bites, wrinkles etc. APPLICATION Sun Dew (Lotion with Natural SPF 20) Take plenty of lotion and apply all over body and face, before moving out in sun, with gentle circular motions till absorbed in skin. Use twice or thrice daily and every time after washing. SIDE EFFECTS: Sun Dew (Lotion with Natural SPF 20) is a 100 % natural product with no side effects. This product is completely safe and can be used in all seasons and by all age groups of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children.


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