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About Us

Adidev® Herbals belongs to the land, INDIA which inherits one of the most powerful disciplines of medicine; Indian Ayurveda. The recent years has seen remarkable contribution of rich Ayurvedic medicinal science in the rebirth and development of unique treatment based products for skin and hair. The promoters of the Company with their deep knowledge of this remarkable science envisioned future of natural products and created a range that have become synonymous with high efficacy and quality. Over the years, Adidev® Herbals has been researching and developing innovative products that add substantial value to not just your health but your physical radiance too. As a matter of principle, the Company has always adhered to using purest raw material and processing them in an infrastructure that’s absolutely state-of-the-art. Over the past two decades, the company has consistently delivered quality products and services, which has been the hallmark of the company.

History & Achievements of the Company

Adidev® has created a niche in the market of treatment base products in skin and hair care. All the products of Adidev® are 100 % natural and rate very high in quality. Adidev® is well known to produce herbal products with unique and innovative formulae which are completely safe and have no side effects. They are formulated as proprietary medicines and are bound to give specific results and relief on a very broad range of fungal infections and deficiencies of skin and hair. Their multiple actions have the broad coverage and a single product can be applicable to many skin and hair related problems.
Adidev is ISO 9001-2008 certified

Management set Up

Adidev® Herbals is professionally managed by the core group of individuals who are experts in the respective fields of Ayurvedic medicines, management and marketing. On the forefront the innovative ideas of Formulators of Ayurvedic preparations backed by adequate knowledge of ancient medicinal science of Indian Ayurveda helps to develop unique result orientated products with quick and long lasting results and on the other hand the long experience in management, marketing and interpersonal skills of the Directors helps to manage the business professionally and open new markets and frontiers of product application and use. In a nutshell the group works on clear cut plans of developing fast acting result oriented 100% naturals products and for opening new markets and promote their brand and the products aggressively by providing solid marketing backed by adequate publicity and promotion.

Quality Control

The brand name Adidev is trade mark registered ®. All of Adidev® products are formulated as proprietary medicines and comes under Ayurvedic medicinal category under schedule “T” of drugs & cosmetic act 1940 and Indian pharmacopoeia Adidev® Herbals manufactures products under the drug license no. 25D/35/2005. All the products are manufactured under strictest quality control and in hygienic conditions as laid in the drugs and cosmetic act 1940. Quality Control and maintaining appropriate and necessary standards is prime focus of the organization. The Company ensures that the Customers are served with the best Quality Products

Research & Development

A team of well qualified doctors and scientists: BAMS doctors (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicines and surgery), botany scientists are in charge of R&D of Adidev Brand of products. All standard Machinery/Equipment are used in R & D setup. As laid down in drug and cosmetic act 1940. Infrastructure Adidev® Herbals have a well equipped infrastructure. The workforce comprises of a team of qualified doctors, technicians and efficient workers. We manufacture products from finest quality of raw materials, enriched with pure extracts of herbs, fruits and flowers under hygienic conditions. The R & D department is constantly involved in the research of properties of various herbs, their extracts, oils etc. and develops unique products that are free from side- effects. Q C department regularly conducts inspections to check the various aspects of quality. Each and every product is properly monitored under the supervision of experts. We have engaged professionals who have expertise knowledge about herbs and Indian ayurveda.

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