Adidev Instant Hand sanitizer Rub 5ltr


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is an apt formulation to instantly sanitize hands without water. It is a herbal preparation with high quality Aloe Vera as base to moisture and rehydrate skin with a soft feel. It’s +70% IPA formulation ensures germs and bacteria free skin with enriched skin soothners for silky soft feel.
Reasons to use Adidev Hand Sanitizer Z+ -:
Keep Hands sanitized and germ free for a longer period to
avoid getting germs or other infections
Curtail spreading of infection to others and your near and
dear ones.
Fast evaporating formula. Water free cleaning.
Effective against gram positive and gram negative germs,
bacteria, moulds, yeast, algae.
99.9% Protection
Safe to use by old, young and children.
Herbal formulation keeps hands skin soft and silky
Indian Product. Purity and quality assured

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Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 19 × 18 × 17 cm


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