Adidev Herbals Summer Care Shampoo Combo Kit (Set of 4)

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Adidev Herbals Summer Care Shampoo Combo Pack (Set of 4): 1.ANP shampoo (HAIR WASH PROTEIN): We are offering ANP Shampoo which gives Healthy, Shiny & Strong Hair. Is a proprietary medicine with unique ANP formula to treat weak, unhealthy and dry hair. It contains activated natural proteins (ANP) of methi and soybean which gives instant nourishment to hair routes and gives excellent conditioning. Stop hairfall instantly. Hair becomes healthy, shiny and strong. 2.ENC shampoo (HAIR WASH CONDITIONER): Is a proprietary medicine which gives excellent conditioning to all hair types. Its specially developed ENC formula contains active ingredients of Jason and Meethi Neem which provides natural conditioning to you hair without harms of artificial cosmetic conditioners. Hair becomes silky and floating like never before. 3.NCP Shampoo (HAIR WASH COLOR PROTECTOR): Is a proprietary medicine which contains natural richness of pure Henna and Tulsi extracts. Its specially developed NCP formula contains combination of active ingredients of Henna and Devine Tulsi which, make hair roots strong, healthy and enhance the effect of natural dyes like Henna colors. Devine Tulsi gives instant nourishment to hair and prevent graying of hair. 4.OXI FRESH shampoo (HAIR WASH ANTI DANDRUFF): Is a proprietary medicine specially formulated with strong antifungal and anti-dandruff properties. Its oxygenated anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents derived from natural sources of Neem, Neebu and Haldi which actively kills fungal infections and dandruff from scalp without harming your skin and hair keep you scalp free from allergies and dandruff with clean and soft OXI FRESH HAIR.

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