Adidev Herbals Organic Neem & Tulsi Shampoo (300 ml)

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Adidev Neem-Tulsi Shampoo has anti- bacterial; anti- parasitic, anti- fungal, anti-inflammatory properties that gives complete protection to your hair. The apt mix of curing Neem and potent Tusli delivers astonishing results to those who are tired of using chemical laden hair products that make big promises but fails when it comes to results Adidev Neem-Tulsi Shampoo reduces the problem of dandruff and itchy scalp as Neem has regenerative properties which help in reducing hair fall. Adidev Neem-Tulsi Shampoo strengthens the Hair Shafts, strengthens hair follicles and prevents damage due to pollution. It is effective against split ends fungal infection, and treating viral and bacterial infections. Adidev Tea tree Shampoo strengthens roots of your hair and keep your scalp free of infections, making them strong and healthy. Regular use gives long, lustrous and conditioned hair with great shine.

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