Adidev Herbals Herbal Turmeric Fairness Facial Scrub (150 g)

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Turmeric Is A Potent Antibiotic Given To Mankind By Nature. It Not Only Has Health Benefits When Taken Orally But The Indian Scriptures Has Lots Of Uses Of Turmeric On Skin. Turmeric Fairness Scrub Contains Actives Of Turmeric With Herbal Scrubs For Cleansing, Scrubbing & Removing Dirt From Delicate Facial Skin. Turmeric Scrub Exfoliates And Maintains Skin Nutrients And Supplements Skin With Various Minerals With Goodness Of Turmeric. It Helps Repair Damaged Skin And Thus Makes It Smooth And Supple. It Also Helps Reduce Pits On The Face. Suits All Types Of Skin.

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Weight .256 kg
Dimensions 19.2 × 8.5 × 7.5 cm


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