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Adidev Herbals Double Bubble Breast Oil

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Double Bubble Oil: Is a mixture of oils rich in nutrients and antioxidants which give necessary moisture to skin cells and rejuvenate the tissue. It enhances the blood circulation and gives strength to sagging muscles fibers. The shape and size of breast is defined by the fat and the tightness of skin. The role of hormones is equally important; as one reaches puberty secretion of right hormones gives fullness and shape to one’s breast. The small and under developed breasts is the root cause for inferiority complex and depression in most women which reflects in their love life. If Breasts do not take desired shape or remain underdeveloped by the age of 16 Years, regular breast firming exercises and massage from double bubble oil gives desired shape and size to the breasts.

Application: Take ample Breast Massage oil on palm and apply on breast with gentle upward circular motions. Prolong Massaging is recommended for better blood & Lymphatic circulation and tissue oxygenation. Repeat twice daily for better shape and size. Regular use will ensure attractive, toned up breasts. Regular Breast-firming exercises and massage with double bubble oil bring in the desired Shape and Size to the Breast.


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