Adidev Herbals Coconut Hair Oil with Natural Conditioner Shampoo (Set of 3)

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Herbal Almond Based Hair Oil with ENC Natural Conditioner Shampoo contains Almond Based Hair Oil and ENC Natural Conditioner Shampoo.ADIDEV® HAIR OIL COB (With magnetic Power) is the flagship product of Adidev® and a front runner in the treatment of all known hair related problems. This premium quality product is the result of years of experiments and research of Adidev® in identifying and scrutinizing the potencies of herbal ingredients and alcolites and controlling, channelizing and spearheading the powers of these herbs into treatment of all hair related problems under a single platform. COB (COCONUT OIL BASED) Magnetic hair oil is created with the rare combination of two oldest medicinal sciences, the Indian Ayurveda and the Magnetic Therapy. The complex mix of 39 rich Indian herbs with specified potencies, and their contents further activated by the induction of magnetic charge produces results quick and time bound. Adidev® will always have the glory of this new creation in its own credit forever. Adidev Hair Conditioner is a proprietary medicine which gives excellent conditioning to all hair types. Its specially developed ENC formula contains active ingredients of Jason and Meethi Neem which provides natural conditioning to your hair without harms of artificial cosmetic conditioners. Hair becomes silky and floating like never before.

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