Adidev Herbals Ayurvedic Octa Pure Hair Growth Oil Hair Oil (200 ml)

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OCTAPURE OIL is a proprietary medicine made from a very soft blend of premium oils rich in Vitamins, essential minerals & healthy Fatty acids. PRO8 oil has mild tone which has soothing effect on sensitive skin and complements all skin types. It gets absorbed naturally & instantly in scalp skin and delivers 100% organics straight to hair root activating the hair bulb and stimulates hair growth. The rich presence of Vitamins E & K with proven therapeutic powers repair weak & damaged hair root that not only stops hair fall instantly but also rejuvenate weak hair follicles with results of amazing hair regrowth even in hopeless cases. OCTAPURE helps sebum to find its optimal balance and circulate moisture necessary for healthy hair. This eradicates DANDRUFF completely which is one of the main causes of Hair fall & Premature Baldness. Minerals provide support to building blocks of hair, deliver vital nutrients to hair bulb and sebaceous glands resulting in quick hair regrowth and maintaining healthy, strong and thick hair.

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