Vegetables and fruits Wash

(Cleaning and Detoxifying Solution for Vegetables and fruits)
Adidev Herbals is the lead manufacturer and producer of high quality Indian herbal and
Ayurvedic products with wide portfolio which includes cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, baby
care, health care, grooming, beauty – personal care and Hygiene products.

The 18 year old company is equipped with highly efficient team of research chemists and
modern infrastructure to produce quality based high efficacy products which has wide
customer patronage in Indian and International markets.

Adidev is one of the major exporters of Indian herbal products in various overseas markets
and also utilizes its state of the art production facilities to provide product and manufacturing
solutions to various companies and brands.

Adidev is accredited for developing and producing many unique products viz. Magnetic Hair
Oil, Ithchammol ointments and the likes which have served the company niche over its competitors.

Adidev has recently came up with “Adidev Wash”:A unique green Clean and herbal
formulation which ensures total sanitization of your daily eatable like vegetables n Fruits.

Need For eatable Wash
With the outbreak of covid 19, the primary challenge was to keep the virus at check from
the very beginning, to contain the virus to minimum levels of spreading within society.
All apex health organizations and bodies like WHO issued guidelines to curtail the spread
of Corona virus.

All across globe people followed social distancing, wearing of mask, contact less meetings, dealings and avoid outdoors. Still, however Virus spread even among those who stayed at home. The main reason identified to be the food and eatables brought home without proper anitization.

Consumables and eatables viz, fruits n vegetables are to be properly and carefully sanitized as these food commodities, apart from Covid virus are reported to be contaminated with carriers and most harmful health hazard elements and toxins namely, Pesticide residue, fungicide residue, bacteria, pathogens, sand, oil, wax, dirt, artificial colors, grime etc. These surface toxicants are responsible for many dreaded diseases including cancer which cause life threatening situations to consumers.

There is need for a suitable medium to sanitize the daily eatables, fruits and vegetables to ward off the mentioned dreaded carriers of diseases in effective manner without compromising with freshness, quality and nutrients of such fruits n vegetables.

Adidev Fruit & Vegetable wash is an edible-ingredient based formulation with excellent cleaning propensity to gently wash away most surface toxicant like pesticide residue, fungicide residue, insecticide residue, bacteria, pathogens sand, oil, wax, dirt, grime etc. Present on the surface of vegetables and fruits which are not possible to be removed through water washing alone.

The all natural Green Clean formula ensures total sanitization of fruits N Vegetables without disturbing the freshness, taste and nutritive values of your daily eatables.

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