Adidev herbals Shine & Instant Glow Charcoal Facial Kit Combo (Set of 6)

Charcoal Facial Kit Activated charcoal, which is carbon, that’s been treated to increase its absorbency. The theory behind including activated charcoal in beauty products is similar: It’ll act like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil. And the experts say that theory holds water. “When dirt and oil in your pores come in contact with the carbon, they stick to it and then get washed away when you rinse,” Activated charcoal is well known as an antidote as it adsorbs most organic toxins, chemicals and poisons before they can harm the body. Adidev Charcoal Facial Kit contains “Activated Charcoal” in all the steps of Facial Procedure for complete de-toxification and reviving the skin glow by controlling the signs of aging. 1.Charcoal Exfoliator: Charcoal Exfoliation removes the layer of dirt and pollution deeply seated in the pores thus opening up the pores and removing the dead-skin layer of the skin. Tones up the skin for the facial procedure in minutes. 2.Charcoal Gel : Charcoal Gel is powered by finest emollients, skin soothing agents with blend and goodness of Aloevera. It contains vital nutrients including most vitamins, enzymes, protein and amino acids.It Nourishes the skin and protect the skin from sun-burn.It Balances Pigmentation.Complexion-giving you unmatched glowing Fairness. Charcoal gel softens, hydrates and tightens skin and nourishes it, making it clear, smooth and silky. Excellent for treating impurities and toxins from the skin and cures fungal infections, allergies and deficiencies . Suitable for all skin types. 3. Charcoal E-Moist : Charcoal E-Moist is powered by rare and precious blend of choicest herb, mineral and Calamine which rejuvenate and enhance skin texture and fairness instantly. Charcoal E-moist naturally supplement vital nutrients to skin, rehydrate and soothes the upper layer.l 4.Charcoal High Moisturizing Facial Cream : Charcoal High Moisturizing Facial Cream is powered by finest emollients, skin soothing agents with the goodness of Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Walnut Oil. Charcoal Cream contains vital Nutrients including most vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and amino acids.Suitable for soft and delicate facial skin. It Nourishes the skin and protect the skin from sun-burn. Virgin Almond Oil rich in E & B Vitamins as well as essential Mineral, Healthy Fats and Protein. Gently cleanses the impurities and help both oily and dry skin to find optimum balance, create natural glow and healthy radiance for all type of skin. 5.Charcoal Tightening Pack : Charcoal Tightening Pack is powered by choicest minerals with natural penetration enhancers. That act as a catalyst and allow this mineral to readily permeate the skin’s outer layer – cleanse – Tighten the skin and nourish it. Making it clear, smooth and silky. Charcoal Face lifter pack tightens pores making skin tone even, with wrinkle free appearance. 6.Charcoal Radiance Cream : Charcoal Radiance Cream is powered by Finest emollients rich in most vitamins – Mineral and Healthy acids and protein. Which gives instant glow to your facial skin.It cleanses, Moistens and rejuvenates facial skin and enhances skin texture and fairness instantly. Charcoal radiance cream Naturally supplements – Vital Nutrients to skin, rehydrate and sooth the upper layer and gives you unmatched radia

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